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The company which since 1999 imposes proffesional standards on the market and 'inspires' more recently founded companies
The company chosen by over 5.000 customers
The company with the most extensive and dense network of intention teams, because our intervention time (3-5minutes) makes us different on the market
Short history -
“Bercut-Grup” SRL  (ongoing “Bercut”) is part of  the Union of Companies  “Bercut & Co” along with OP “Saturn-Grup”SRLSC “Bercut-Grup Tehnic” and AS“Bercut-Grup Sevice” SRL was founded in 1999, and during 14 years of activity enjoys a leading position in the security service field. During its existence “Bercut” was always considered an elite company, built on solid principles underlying security and protection activity organization. Knowledge of security systems, physical security concepts, risk identification, access control, control procedures, patrol, communication procedures, knowledge of current legislation  
corresponding to the field of activity. The security personnel is always prepared and verified by theoretical and practical activities.
“Bercut” has the ability of a profitable partner for everybody and therefore it delivers with its services professional standards of the highest quality.
The company activity is supported by executives who have a rich professional experience. They have the opportunity to develop a range of security services, surveillance, intervention, values transport – escort and/or reception, bodyguards and also installation, maintenance works and technical maintenance of the apparatus (device), in the field.

Mission and values +
The mission of our company is to be the main supplier and integrator of private security solutions, through the quality of the services provided. We also want to maintain and constantly improve the relationship with our costumers through effective communication, accessibility, transparency and professionalism. 


Customer orientation. 
We at “Bercut” believe that our first responsibility is towards our clients, to all those who benefit from our services. 
In an effort to meet the needs and desires of our customers, everything we do, every service we provide must be of the highest quality.
Respect and integrity. 
We are responsible in front of the communities in which we live and work and therefore we respect our promises, customers and our employees.Through our policy we join on principles of trust, ethics, honesty and fairness in every action that it takes and in every decision we make.
Expect more from your Security Company! We do! Our officers do! And you should too!
Legal framework +
“Bercut” is a private security trader practicing the kind of activity covered by the law of the Rep. of Moldova nr. 283 from 04.07.2003  regarding private detective and security activity. Government Decision  nr.667 from 08.07. 2005 on measures to implement the Law nr.283 from 04.07.2003 on private detective and security activity and also through the Law nr.451 from 30.07.2001 regulating the licensing of entrepreneurial  activity.
Degree in the field by License series A MMII nr. 031248.
Alarm button on your phone +

Bercut company comes with a new innovation in Moldova- the Alarm button on your phone. Thus, your safety is just a click away if you have a simple application installed! Choose Bercut Alarm or Bercut VIP. If you don’t want that you, your office or home to be easy prey for the thieves. 

Bercut VIP

This application allows you to urgently request the rapid intervention group, if you have access to 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet. Your location is set by GPS, which exempts you from the explanations that you have to give to the operator. Therefore, you save time, which is extremely important in emergency situations. Once the signal is received, the intervention group automatically receives the applicant's surname, given name and photo. Based on this information, the person can be easily identified, even in crowded places.

Another technological innovation launched by the company is the application "Bercut Alarm".  Through this application you can ask for help, if your home, apartment or office is put at risk. The unique identity number of the customer (generated by our application) is associated with a real property, and when you request an intervention, the task force will immediately go to this real property. What is important is that the application can be used anywhere in the world. That is why we are ready to offer our support to your dears ones, who stayed at home.   


The applications can be downloaded free on your phone from App Store or Playmarket (Bercut VIPBercut Alarm). You can request the activation of your personal code at one of our offices. Find here the closest office.

For any information, please feel free to contact the hotline


Technical security

Technical security - installing security and access systems to protected objects including fire protection system and maintenance service:
Monitoring of technical means of security and operational reacting to signal "Alarm":
Technical guarding of objects is provided through a modern security desk, which corresponds to relish, with the latest software programs installed in the computers of Centralized Security Desk.
Reacting to the warning signals coming from protected objects is performed through 15 operative reactionary groups that are deployed in all sectors of Chisinau, Balti, Hincesti, Anenii-Noi and Ialoveni.
Each operative group consists of 2-3 employees (who have adequate professional training, armed and equipped according to the latest trends) whose displacement to the protected object is performed with specially equipped vehicles, in 3-5 minutes after receiving the signal.
Technical Security is provided by a powerful desktop that allows monitoring over 10.000 subscribers with the ability of decoding various forms of communication specific to several types of equipment. Monitoring is done through landline and GSM transmission channel GPRS.
Installation and design of the fire-guard system as well as other alarm systems is accomplished through an organized procedure that apply in all cases, in which the professionalism of our company experts is complemented by a flexible policy of managerial staff, so that we always come to a solution that satisfies both a high level of protection as well as all the recipients criteria (from the aesthetic to the financial ones).
Triggering the alarm
Detection of an event that may harm the customer is provided through detection and prevention system existing or designed and implemented by specialists in our Technical Department, in accordance with specific needs and desires of our customers. 
Intervention in exceptional cases  

The intervention is performed by mobile crews “Bercut” specially instructed, trained and equipped with technical devises specific to this activity, and also personnel that possesses extensive practical experience in the field, able to react quickly and efficiently within the law, to remove the cause of tripping the alarm, localization and avoidance of incidents at the protected object. 
Mobile crew is composed of 2-3 operative agents specially selected, trained and equipped from the tactical and logistical point of view, able to act quickly, effectively and within the law to remove the case which signaled the alarm or event.
To avoid disruption of the intervention by signaling the possible traffic jams, congestions, our team will prepare individual routes for each guarded object. 
Also, at the request of the beneficiary, the company provides for free: 

• Consulting in preparing the security plan;
• Drafting security plan and its annexes (device security scheme, sketch topographic location in the lens);
• Wording other documents stipulated by law;
• Advancing security plan for approval by the competent organs of state
Chisinau -

8/3 Costiujeni str., Chisinau, 
Republic of Moldova, 
phones: +373-22-57-24-61, +373-22-52-11-62,

Balti +
Republic of Moldova, Balti
str. 31 Augut-47
tel: (0231) 8-93-30
Orhei +
Republic of Moldova, Orhei
str V.Mahu fl.2
tel: (0235) 22-1-38;22-1-39
Hincesti +
Republic of Moldova, Hincesti
str. M. Hincu 101
tel: (0269) 8-40-38
Ialoveni +

Republic of Moldova, Ialoveni 
str. Alexandru cel Bun 57 
tel: (268) 86 052

Anenii Noi +
Republic of Moldova, Anenii Noi
str. Chisinaului 21
tel: (0235) 2-37-62
Customer Service +

Republic of Moldova, Chisinau 
str. Costiujeni 8/3
tel: +(373)22-50-50-76